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Gerardo Ulloa of the AR Pro Cycling Team makes history for Mexico by winning the Short Track event at the World Cup in the Czech Republic.

Nové Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic September 29, 2020.- The member of the AR Program Cycling Team, Gerardo Ulloa, returns to the slopes with a thirst for triumph and this was demonstrated by conquering the Short Track event within the UCI MTB World Cup in the Czech Republic, a triumph that leads him to write a new history for Mexico within mountain biking.

The AR Pro Cycling Team resumes activities after the confinement experienced worldwide in the Cup of the UCI MTB World Championship that is being carried out in the city of Nové Mesto na Morave, Czech Republic, starting today with the Short Track event where the 40 best in the world participate who will be present within the event activity .

At 10:45 a.m. Mexico time, the Pan-American champion, Gerardo Ulloa, took the slopes of Nové Mesto na Morave, from the beginning he was located in the first positions with his sights set on his main objective, to conquer the test, which he achieved after facing a fierce finish against the Frenchman Victor Koretzky.

Ulloa Arévola manages to cross the finish line in time 20 minutes and 15 seconds, leaving the representatives of France behind by milliseconds , Víctor Koretzky and Maxime Marotte and with this show that Mexico is a world power in mountain biking.

“A very fun race, difficult, with a lot of mud, many falls, fortunately I also had the mentality to win a Short Track race in a World Cup several days ago and today it was possible to get that result, I dedicate this triumph to my family who have always trusted me, this is especially for them and for all of Mexico. who work do you can achieve what you set out to do, you just have to be well convinced and work hard. I am very happy to be able to give this victory for Mexico and to continue concentrating that I still have 3 more tests to go. " This was expressed with great enthusiasm by the representative of the State of Guanajuato Gerardo Ulloa.

With this triumph, it is expected that the AR Program Cycling Teams managed, for the second consecutive year, to obtain authorization from the program "Fiscal Stimulus for High Performance Sport EFIDEPORTE" of the National Commission for Physical Culture and Sports, Secretariat of Finance and Public Credit and the Mexican Olympic Committee in order to give continuity to the program and especially to the preparation of Gerardo Ulloa who is already classified for the Tokyo Olympic Games.

It is worth mentioning that the team AR Program Cycling Teams has achieved great triumphs thanks to the support of the Fiscal Stimulus of High Performance Sport and its contributing companies, by being able to establish a High Performance Center benefiting 22 face-to-face cyclists and 23 distance cyclists of the MTB and Road specialties , obtaining triumphs such as two golds by Gerardo Ulloa in the Barranquilla 2018 Central American Games and 2019 Pan American Games and his qualification to Olympic Games Tokyo peaks, as well as Adair Prieto's gold medal in the Junior World Cup, among others.

The activity of Mexicans within the World Cup in the Czech Republic will continue on October 1 at 8:50 a.m. Mexico with the Elite Category where Gerardo Ulloa will be present, continuing with the participation of Monserrath Rodríguez and Adair Prieto in the sub 23. On October 2, Ulloa returns at 10:45 am.

On Saturday, October 3, Rodríguez and Prieto resume the slopes, ending on Sunday with Gerardo Ulloa at 8:20 am

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