The designs of the IKIGAI collection (生 き 甲 斐) were inspired by the traditional Japanese tattoo and the s intoism (神道) which is based on the veneration of spirits of the nature and elements of Japanese culture.

In this collection various details were worked on and the correlation of the most representative aspects of Japanese culture was studied in depth. Colors and shapes are thoroughly detailed and culminate in unique pieces of art that can be worn when shooting or collecting.

The best materials were used, from ultra-light textiles to reinforced stitching at key points high wear. We use our award-winning Elite quality as a basis and stamp all parts of each model with high-quality sublimated.

The colors used in each piece of the IKIGAI line were thoroughly revised in various light scenarios, because we wanted to guarantee the vividness in the tones. Whether you're shooting under the nighttime city lights or the relentless sunshine of a morning ride on the highway.

Fully developed in our design studio, these one-of-a-kind collectibles are made by Geovanny Apparel.