Custom Geovanny Apparel

Blends the best of technology and craftsmanship in our manufacturing processes to better understand how to work with materials and in this way create products that can meet the demands of professional athletes in any condition, from the relentless cold to winter to intense heat in summer, you can stay focused on what really matters, add miles.

Premium Service

It is our customer service program which constantly studies the way in which the Personalized team provides you with the information, with this we seek to design better communication channels so that you always find the necessary help from the Geovanny Apparel team . If you want to tell us about your experience write to us at .

As many colors as you can imagine

The Geovanny Apparel service allows you to design your team's uniforms just as you want them, you can choose between all the colors you can imagine.

We are sure of that !.

We can design the uniforms based on your needs, using your logos and colors, when it comes to our design work, imagination is the only limit.

What is the process to create my uniforms?


The first part of the process begins here, it is when you, together with the team of designers, use colors, lines and shapes to create the bases of what in the future will be the official uniforms of your team, once this is concluded we will begin to work on the positioning of the logos. We will make the necessary proposals so that the final result is perfect and you can continue with the second step of the process.

Selection of sizes and qualities

After designing the uniform that defines your team, you will know and be able to select between our three qualities, Pro, Premium and Elite; All of them made with the best techniques and the highest technology in fabrics that will allow you to enjoy each training and competition with your team. Following this, we will provide you with the size chart so that the product reaches you as it is: Made to measure.

Easy as paying in cash

Once your design, the quality of your uniforms and the sizes of the members have been approved, you will receive an email from our Geovanny Apparel team with a URL so that you can provide it to your entire team and so on every one of them makes the payment of its corresponding part through our payment system at PayPal , how easy is it to pay in cash!
In the same way, you can choose any of our payment methods such as SPEI and cash deposit

After making the payment, you and your team can see the summary of the payments made to your team's account and all this from your Geovanny Apparel Customer Portal that will be previously created for you so that you can track payments *, in this way you will not have to worry about recording each payment made by your team.We will take care of that!

In just 25 to 30 business days you will have your uniforms ready to start accumulating victories and add as many kilometers as you are willing to earn!

How do I contact a Geovanny Apparel advisor?

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